Pattern Scanner

The Pattern Scanner is absolutely necessary tool if you trade more than 2-3 symbols or timeframes at the same time. Our scanner combined with NinjaTrader Market Analyzer is a powerful pattern recognition indicator which can work on multiple simultaneous charts and alert you whenever a pattern is emerging. It is an indicator specially written for NinjaTrader Market Analyzer:

Pattern Scanner

. It shows and alerts upcoming patterns. By using our scanner you do not need to have all the charts you trade open. When a pattern emerges the scanner shows its name in the analyzer window and sounds an alarm. When you see it you immediately know what symbol and timeframe has it, so you go to that chart and explore the pattern.

The Pattern Scanner has various setting parameters pictured below:

Pattern Scanner Settings

The scanner comes with 3 templates to display one, two or three timeframes in the Market Analyzer window. We are happy to help you to create a template for your personal symbol/timeframes list. Contact us.