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Harmonic Chart Patterns are a collection of market structures having high probability of predicting the next price move. Originating in 1935 book of Harold McKinley Garley Harmonic Chart Patterns have not only brilliantly survived all the market transformations happened since then, but have also been expanded, improved and perfected over time. Now as ever they have large public following as they proved to work excellently regardless of region, asset and time period. The name underlines the ability of the patterns to understand the market forces, catch the price movement and give trading opportunities with very good risk/reward ratio.

Until recently only trained human traders could spot emerging price patterns, now computers and programming techniques reached the levels when it is possible to recognize patterns programmatically. Our extensive research and development resulted in elegant and effective indicator which today we are happy to offer to you. The indicator uses unique pattern search algorithm which allows finding patterns in wide range of market conditions with minimum technical expertise required from user.

The indicator not only finds and displays Harmonic Chart Patterns, but also alerts you of coming patterns and shows the entry and stop levels.

The indicator and strategy works in NinjaTrader, there is a version of the indicator for cTrader (without the scanner). Version for TradeStation is in development inquiry for more details.

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Gartley Patterns
Butterfly Patterns
Crab Patterns
Bat Patterns
Shark and 5-0 Patterns
ABCD Patterns
Three Drives Patterns
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Check out our guide to trading Harmonic Chart Patterns with our indicator. Contact Us if you have any questions or feedback.